Things to know about STD Symptoms before you play

Before talking about the bad news, some good things that we have recently learned are that the number of STD testing in NYC, and in other major cities has increased considerably. This means that people are more open to the idea of going to an STD center, and finding out about health related issues. Comparing this to 20 years ago, there would be a huge contrast as far as people walking into testing centers are concerned. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with walking into a clinic and being concerned about your health.

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Now moving onto the bad news, which is that the fight against STDs has taken a huge turn, and there are rising numbers of people that have such diseases. It is the responsibility of every individual to actually fight against STD and to do their part. The most important thing as far as the fight is concerned is to spread awareness and education. There are many people even with the advent of the media and the internet that know almost nothing about STDs. This is something that needs to change if we are going to win the fight.

Age should not be a concern as far as the education of STDs is concerned. Courses should be taught as early as grade 7 so that children know of the potential effects. But the problem is that most adults do not have the required information about STDs and how to combat it.

So, more importantly, educating adults that are sexually active is very important. This can be done in numerous ways, on the internet, by advertising on TV, running ads on the radio. The normal person is not expected to go to such extreme measures, but how the average person can help is by spreading the effects of STDs through the word of mouth. Talking to sexually active people and telling them how important it is to go to STD testing in NYC, Brooklyn or any other city or town they are situated in. Educating people that are not sexually active about STDs is very important as well because these people are likely to turn active in the near future and hence their education is just as important.

People need to be made aware of the fact that it has become so easy to get STD testing done almost anywhere in the country. This means that it can be done with relative ease and without any embarrassment or hassles. There have been huge changes in these centers and how productive they have become.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no shame going to a center to get a testing done. Getting the testing done is actually the most productive thing that a person can do as far as their health is concerned. Hence it is important to try to change this culture that is prevalent in some parts of the American society where it is looked down upon to get tested.

One of the biggest problems is that most people think that STDs were higher in the past generations because of a lack of awareness and because younger people have a better immune system. However, it is relatively higher in the younger generation because of a higher number of sexual partners. The trend is increasing in recent times and has started to rise at alarming rates.

Another misconception that needs to be corrected is that wearing a condom prevents all sorts of STDs. There is a lesser chance of catching an STD while wearing a condom; however, it does not mean that one cannot catch an STD with the presence of a condom.

In certain cases, a person does not even need to have sex to contract an HPV, which is one of the most common STDs. HPV can be transmitted through skin-to-skin sexual contact.

Now another misconception that needs to be corrected as far as STDs are concerned, that people spreading awareness about it are anti-sex, and encourages people to stop being physical. This is not true what is recommended is safe sex. This means knowing your sexual partner, and making sure that both parties have recently been tested for STDs. This makes sure that both parties can enjoy the time spent together without worrying about anything in particular and will make sure that the people involved are protected from diseases as well.

This fight against STD will be very important in the coming years, and everyone needs to make sure that they are doing their part. Whether this is in baby steps where you just tell a few friends that it is important to be tested a few times a year, or whether it’s taking a big step and joining an organization part time to help spread the word. Doing your part is important!

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