six most powerful phrases of the last US Presidential debate

In the last presidential debate before the US elections next November 8, candidates took precious time on national television to accuse and even insulting.


Democrat Hillary Clinton called “puppet” his Republican rival, while Donald Trump fought back and addressed her as “ugly woman”.

But there was more. What were the phrases that stood out in this algid 90-minute discussion?

“I will keep you in suspense”

About Trump’s insistence that the election was “rigged” debate moderator Chris Wallace questioned whether it would accept a possible defeat on November 8.


“Are you implying that you are not prepared to commit to this principle?” He chided Wallace.

“I’ll see you at the time, I will keep the suspense.”

“Putin rather have a puppet as president of the United States”

One of the most heated discussions around the discussion focused on Russia.

The Democratic candidate told Trump having promoted the Russian government to spy on the United States.


Trump replied that he had never met Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it was sure this did not respect Clinton.

It was there that Clinton Trump accused of being a puppet of Putin and Republican replied that the puppet was her.

“Bad Men”

Trump took the opportunity to highlight its proposal hard-line immigration as a way to get the ” bad men” as he said, the country. He blamed the lack of border control drug problems in central United States.

“We need the wall,” he said Trump, who accused Clinton of proposing “open borders.”

“Go out there with crocodile tears”

Hillary Clinton made no mention of the criticisms of his rival in trade between China and the United States.

The candidate stressed that one of the problems was the illegal arrival of steel and aluminum in the domestic market.

“Donald has brought Chinese steel and aluminum. In fact, the Trump hotel here in Las Vegas was made with Chinese steel. Then he walks around with crocodile tears saying how terrible it is, but has given employment to Chinese metalworkers , not the Americans. ”

“Why women so unpleasant”

The Democratic candidate spoke about his contribution to the Social Security increase to be president, like the Trump.

“That is, assuming he does not find a way to escape,” Clinton said wryly.

Then the businessman approached his microphone and whispered: “What woman so unpleasant.”

“Donald thinks that belittle women makes it great”

Another of the hardest moments was the exchange on recent reports of at least a dozen women who accuse Trump of having sexually molested them.


Trump insisted that everything is a lie and accused Clinton of being behind women who have denounced.

That’s when the candidate responded with a resounding: “Donald thinks that belittle women makes him great.”


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