The best applications for diabetics

Currently, diabetes is one of the ten leading causes of death worldwide. According to recent studies, and in 2000 affected a total of 171 million people and its evolution is such that it is estimated that, by 2030, that figure will reach 370 million. Surely this is a health problem suffered by many more people than we think.

Fortunately, there are already many advances in both medicine and technology for most sufferers can lead perfectly normal lives if their disease well controlled. They just need a little care, a proper diet and get some exercise.


In this regard, new advances in technology have been a major step forward in their quality of life. A great example of this is in the world of applications mobile. You know that today there are applications for everything and in the field of health are emerging that can facilitate many much life. Of course, these applications are not going to release control of a physician, but it will help to bring the day to day care and certain aspects relating to this disease. So, let’s look at the most useful apps for diabetics.

The best applications for managing diabetes

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diabetes Companion

There are several types of diabetes. Which is known as Type 1 affects many children and young people. For them, Diabetes Companion is ideal because it makes control of the disease in a very simple and fun.

It has free versions for both Android and IOS and with it you can keep track of the levels of carbohydrates, sugar, insulin, etc. Every time you eat something, you can add it to your daily with a photo and description. So you can see how it affects your every meal glucose levels.

Those using the Diabetes Companion must fight the monster of diabetes earning points by taking care of your health. In addition, still they have challenges to live healthier. When you go to the doctor, you can print the graphs so you can analyze your results.

Social Diabetes

This is a free application that can help you a lot if you are insulin dependent. With Social Diabetes, you can keep track of all meals you do, injections of insulin and your blood glucose levels. As you go fill your data will be generated graphics so you can easily see how your body responds to insulin or your body needs certain foods.

The application also provides a database with nutritional information to more than eleven thousand food. You can access it from anywhere: mobile, tablet or web. You can download it for free for Android and iPhone.

BG Monitor Diabetes

This app will also help you control your disease. It has a very clear, simple and useful interface for any user. With simple graphics, you can view, enter, and control your blood glucose, carbohydrates, your dose of insulin, your physical activity, as well as photographs of all the food you eat.

It also has a very comprehensive data base food and calculator carbohydrates and insulin. So, you’ll need to know what dosage each time. It also lets you get reminders to make you remember to control your blood glucose levels and send reports automatically to your doctor.


As you know, diabetes can affect any age, so it is sometimes difficult to explain and teach the little ones. Diguan is a game that will help in this regard. It will teach you to know well the disease and to face those situations which can usually be seen.

In this juice, we must take care of Diguan, a character that makes normal life but we have to help feed, medicate, follow the treatment and monitor their blood glucose levels. It’s a great and fun way to introduce children to diabetes.


We ended up with an application that is not exclusive for diabetics, it can be very useful to anyone. This is one of the best nutrition apps currently on Google Play, it has data on more than 250,000 food and products. You’ll be able to know immediately and easily if something is right for you or not.

You can also find out how many calories you have consumed and keep track of your diet in general. If you want, I will give you tips so you can follow a good diet based on your age, weight, sex and health, and can access a user community of the enormous application that will answer any questions you have.

As you can see, now there is no excuse to keep a good control of diabetes. Always we carry mobile over, so we can download any of these applications to take better care. Surely not leave home without your mobile, do not forget your health either!

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