Google announced its new phones on October 4

Google has announced the date of his next press conference, next October 4 .Everything points to announce two new mobile phones , but could also announce new services and devices, such as instant messaging app or your assistant Allo home Google Home. The event will take place in Los Angeles , although not officially been made public information except for those who have received a formal invitation. Google has not officially detailed what products will show.

Google announced its new phones on October 4

Farewell to the Nexus line

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The new Google mobile phones have been leaked on numerous occasions. Android Police has collected usually both images of their appearance as possible technical specifications. In turn, it is very likely that the company set aside the Nexus brand in favor of a new one , as counted in Android Central citing sources within the company.

What seems quite likely that Google will launch two devices, a mobile of 5 inch and 5.5 inch . It is also possible that both have a metal body with a top cover on the back made of plastic or glass, just where would the fingerprint reader.

According to sources that have accessed The Verge , the names chosen for these devices would Pixel X and Pixel XL . Filtration of a new application launcher for Android phones called ‘Nexus Launcher’ contradicts this information , but having no official release of this software has not been entirely discarded the possibility.

Other developments

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Google has pending the launch of Google Allo , which could come this week ,according to several sources , but since the event is about to arrive, could delay its release until then.

On the other hand, Google Home , the device managed by voice commands and is designed as an assistant to the house, could also make an appearance, although nothing is yet clear and information about how it will be scarce. Amazon has Echo, a similar apparatus, so that everyone expects Google’s move in this direction.

It is much less likely that Google announced its virtual reality device , which so far only known by its codename, ‘Daydream’. Although the RV is an area where the company has already taken its first steps with Google Cardboard, your new device will still be time.

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Google announced its new phones on October 4

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