Regent’s Canal

This historic canal passed through different historical periods and uses. Today it became a ‘trendy’ area where places to eat, drink and have fun abound. Regent’s Canal is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable places in London.

The canal was built in 1812 by architect John Nash , creator and project planner and emblematic buildings of the metropolis. The work was completed in 1820 and became a way to transport coal and supplies for London . With time and the different forms of marketing, in the twentieth century the canal fell into disuse.

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At present the structure and beauty became important but from elsewhere: people took it and, especially in the area of King’s Cross, cafes and bars were installed in the walkway, real estate began to rise and many decided to settle to live on the very water in houseboats. Today there are about 3,000 boats in Regent’s Canal . On their own boats many owners sell items like vintage clothing, books, antiques … is like a market in water, and there is even a floating theater and a puppet theater!

Some of the businesses are interesting to visit, for example, Waterside Café : a place of splendid views surrounded by mansions of millionaires. It is one of those places where coffee listening to the birds. Word on the Water , next to the station Paddington immerse yourself in the canal and visit the floating bookstores. Towpath was one of the first, so a visit deserves assured; the precursor was an American writer and a British chef. Today they are serving Mediterranean food and is a classic Regent’s Canal. You can never miss an Italian restaurant, soCafe Laville is Italy in London to enjoy especially on sunny days.

Nor can miss a Chinese restaurant: Feng Shang Princess is a good floating option with good food but also very attractive. The Constitution is a traditional pub and you can enjoy a meal and beer for 5 pounds, which is not less in London. Famous for its hamburgers crab, Shrimpy’s is to take into account the gastronomic. The Angelic offers a wide selection of beers, including their own, and daily changing menu, and the touch of originality gives it its mini Roman spa where, why not enjoy a good time. the Pumphouse cafe is a small place for which we must be very careful if you want to find where to take very good coffee and a variety of sweet treats. the Proud Archivist is where start for lunch and end up staying all afternoon: a place full of art, events, beer and coffee.

The Grapes is a pub that has wonderful views of the Thames, small but with a very good selection of beers and a menu of traditional English pub. Caravan is at the heart of development being done in King’s Cross; a place with the industrial aesthetic, bricks, metal and a delicious menu to enjoy coffee or brunch. It is much visited, so weekends are advised to arrive early. And these are some of the attractive places to visit in Regent’s Canal. Like all areas of London that are becoming fashionable, the place is constantly growing, and beyond the recommendations, what to do is go and live, visit and go more like staying where.

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