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Thailand is a world leader in tourism. Endowed with unparalleled beauty, it allows a unique contact with nature in magical and unforgettable environments. Especially in its long necklace of beaches and islands, which are among the best in the world. And they are the chosen destination for a romantic and pleasant journey surrounded by golden sands, blue sky and intense and wild vegetation. An explosion of beauty and sensuality.

It is a country aware of its potential, and has prepared the best way to welcome tourists from all over the world: international hotels have taken root in beautiful Thailand. Add to that a transport system with a good level of services and, above all, a price list accessible to the pockets of tourists is added. In fact, tourism is the main economic activities of the country.

As for the cuisine, rice – whose marketing is the backbone of the economy of Thailand, in addition to dye the country green – occurs in multiple dishes: accompanies meat and fish or by itself, the king of the table . They should also be tasted pasta and seafood. But if you are looking for something exotic, you can also opt for crocodile meat or other insects or even soups bamboo. It is justly called the “Land of Smiles”, which is easy to check: at each step, see or circumstance, the holiday of the locals a smile accompanied by a slight bow of the head. It is the watchword of the enormous kindness that has become a symbol and identity of the country.Perhaps the slopes of this can be found in the Buddhist essence. As for the climate, it is best to visit Thailand between November and February, in order to avoid the rainy season, which usually extend for weeks.

To this is added to its intense nightlife, especially in Bangkok. A long necklace of clubs and discos is a meeting place for tourists arriving from different corners of the world. Among its many attractions, they should visit some of the great towers that are placed on the sides of the Chao Praya River, which besides an excellent service at reasonable prices allow you to enjoy dazzling views of the city. It happens, for example, the Lebua at State Tower , the best and newest of the city, which is visited by thousands of tourists – and Thai – per month just to dine at your restaurant floor 52 and see from a site privilege the majesty of Bangkok.

But without doubt one of the greatest – if not the most – attractive Thailand, composes its golden and pristine beaches. Lovers and romantics the world choose them again and again.They are the perfect and most beautiful blend of the purest nature, with the brightest sun, waters of a deep blue and golden sands. Ideal for a memorable honeymoon destination.

Among the long list of options, there are places that are classics in the Thai itinerary. For example, if you travel with your family perhaps the best option is Ko Samui, a fantastic island located in the Gulf of Thailand. O Phuket, which is a small peninsula located in the Andaman Sea, which offers beaches of unique beauty accompanied by intense nightlife. You can also travel to Phi Phi Island, the island who shot to infinity popularity after Leonardo DiCaprio filmed there remembered film “The Beach”. Hat Khlong Phrao Or, a magnificent beach two kilometers long which straddles bearing the same name. Crosses the island and its sides may be countless fishing villages made up of houses on stilts. Be visited, after walking through the forest, Khlong Phu waterfall, a refreshing encounter with nature more than 20 meters high.

But if what is sought in Thailand is a romantic trip away from the noise and bustle of people, to enjoy more privacy in dream landscapes, there are also alternative destinations to explore.Among those chosen by the romantic tourism stands Krabi, a small town in southern Thailand with legitimate pride that offers some of the most pristine beaches in the country. It is the most remote and quiet. In fact, it is a peninsula surrounded by limestone cliffs that can not bereached by land, and only accessible by sea, through the longboat, the typical small boat and Thai elongated, departing from the beach of Ao Nang. Railay offers only three beaches, unique beauty that dispute. The cliffs surrounding the area offer not only ideal for lovers of the climbing site – there are over 700 places to do – but from its highest points can be lived a romantic experience to share the most beautiful panoramic views of the area. It is an ideal retreat that floods the senses in a natural and unique sensuality.

The island of Ko Lanta – located in the province of Krabi and formed in turn by two islands – is one of the places to be visited if Thailand is to live away from the bustle. Its beautiful coral reefs and long white sandy beaches not yet known mass tourism. Ko Lanta is an archipelago of 52 islands, twelve of them uninhabited, which offers bungalows and small hotels that in addition to affordable prices shown respectful of nature, which are integrated with quiet enthusiasm. Ko Lanta measures only 30 kilometers long by six meters wide, but it is a paradise where nature isat its highest degree of beauty . It has a perfect blend of fine white sand with crystal clear water, what unimaginable exotic underwater life and a green jungle, dense and added.

Ko Phangan , is perhaps the most classical sites in the region. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand, and is accessed by boat or from the airport in the nearby Ko Samui. One of the attractions of Ko Phangan that have made must – see tourism is the island of the Full Moon Party, or “Feast of the full moon.” It happens every 28 days, when the moon reaches its peak, Haad Rinal – in the south of the island – it becomes a dazzling beach party drink, home to more than 20,000 participants. After the event, the rest of the month, Ko Phangan recovers its normal and is another option to enjoy quiet evenings beach and excursions into the virgin forest. Or close to Ko Tao, diving paradise.

About 80 kilometers from Phuket, Khao Lak is also a good choice. It was completely rebuilt after a tsunami, is located on the mainland, and is accessed by taxi from the airport, after crossing a tree – lined road rubber. Khao Lak offers a charming coastline. Visitors often discover their magical environment through tours usually include the Khao Sok National Park, which is reached after traveling about two hours from Khao Lak. There are huge limestone cliffs, many rainforest, caves and deep valleys. And there is the beautiful Lake Chiao Lan. With traditional boats you can tour the lake and reach the bungalows built on stilts supported directly on the water. There you can live a romantic lunch or rent a canoe to sail the also romantic and quiet green waters of the lake. Or course swim or dip your feet in water dream. Another option is tostay overnight in Khao Sok National Park to observe the sky and its incredible spectacle of countless stars. Also part of the local fauna – monkeys, wild boars, tigers and red buffalo – rafting on bamboo rafts or ride an elephant.

Ton Sai is one of the favorite beaches of the most romantic travelers. One of its main attractions is its great loneliness. You can spend a long time before crossing with another traveler. And almost certainly be a climber who is heading to the heights surrounding the beach.There are a few small restaurants and cabins to stay. But if what you want is a more direct contact with wild nature, the ideal site is Chang Mai . It is an atypical tourist destination in Thailand offers because it lacks beautiful beaches and is located away from the coast. It is, in fact, in the most mountainous part of the country. Many visit it for hiking. But that does just what it attractive: surrounded by a deep, remote and deep green, offers the possibility of direct contact with wild nature. Even to contact elephants, animals symbol of Thailand. 

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