The Amazing Trick Your Mind Using To Strengthen Your Body

Poses of Power: The Amazing Trick Your Mind Using To Strengthen Your Body

Change the way you stand before the world and the world will change. Pay attention to your body for a few seconds …

How are you sitting? Are you hunched over your computer or your phone?How’s your head? How are your legs? And your arms? How you feel? Your body says more about you than you think, but not just because your body language influences the perception others have of you, but also because the way how you wear influences the perception you have of yourself.

social psychologist Amy Cuddy gave a TED talk that revolutionized the world , not only for its novelty but how useful it is to people we feel increasingly powerful prepared to face any situation by simply using our body.

The Power Poses

Cuddy explains that in the animal kingdom dominant group members adopt certain postures that demonstrate his power against the other members of the group, which in turn take more submissive postures. These postures that make us feel more powerful are called Power Poses.

When a person feels powerful instinctively it adopts a pose of power and when you feel weak adopt poses of submission.


The kind of power we are talking about does not mean the power to dominate others, but the power to be fully comfortable with ourselves , our values, emotions and thoughts. In order to give the best of one no matter how stressful or difficult the situation.

Our bodies influences our mind and how we use it can make the difference between being comfortable, safe and confident or uncomfortable, insecure and shy.

The easiest and most powerful Trick To Feel Confident in 2 minutes

According to studies of Amy Cuddy and his colleagues, this is a very simple trick, but extremely effective and powerful … and anyone can do anywhere.

Choose a pose of power, but do not feel sure of yourself, and hold it for only two minutes. We suggest that you adopt at a time and space where you feel comfortable to do so, hopefully in a private place and in advance a challenging situation.

This will increase your levels of testosterone (associated with the feeling of power and confidence) and your reduce colorist levels ( a hormone associated with stress).

It’s amazing but hormonal changes associated with these postures increase your confidence and affect the way you interact with others.

You’ll feel more optimistic and significantly reduce your anxiety . It might evenincrease your chances of success against a challenge.

According to Cuddy , poses high power are expansive, are trying to “open” to the world. Adopting this type of poses is exactly what you need to do before you confront difficult situations , such as a job interview, speaking in public or have a sensible conversation with someone.


In addition, the poses of power not only can practice immediately before stressful situations. Feeling empowered starts the night before. Cuddy says that sleep in the fetal position or side with arms and legs pulled up to the torso are considered poses low power . Even it can make you wake up feeling sensitiveand vulnerable without really knowing why.

To avoid this situation, it is advisable to sleep in an open position and with your legs straight. Like the girl below.

To encourage you to start using this technique useful, we leave a list of the poses of power that can be used before any situation where you need to feel confident and ready for success.

Remember that you must keep each for at least 2 minutes and you can feel more comfortable doing in a private place:

1. The Performer

The Performer

Stand with legs open , stepping firmly with your feet, up your arms in the shape of V and expand yourself like you’re getting applause at a concert. Cuddy called this pose in honor of Mick Jagger. Do this pose power in some private place , as I do in front of others can be seen as offensive.

  2. The Hammock


Sitting in a chair, put your feet on the table and put your hands behind your head. Hold this position for two minutes and feel like your confidence level increases dramatically.

3. The Boss


Stand on the edge of a table with legs spread, supports your fingers over it with open arms and incapacitate slightly forward. Holding this pose for two minutes you will feel empowered and ready to face any challenging situation.

4. Wonder Woman


Open a little feet, put your hands on your hips, pull up your chest and chin. All the above poses will generate great confidence, increase your risk tolerance and make you feel empowered to face any situation.

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Poses of Power

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