5 Stories of athletes that will take your Motivation on high level

Here we leave the story of five athletes who faced enormous challenges and refused to be defeated by life.  Let us remember that the smart man learns from his own experience, the wise learn from the experience of others …

1. Kieran Behan, gymnast

Kieran Behan, gymnast

 Imagine that tell you that you will not be able to walk again. That’s what the doctors told Kieran after removing a cancer in the thigh at 10 years . The operation went very bad, so bad in fact he woke up screaming from pain massive damage in his leg.

Until then he had been crazy about gymnastics and was determined to become an Olympic champion . But how could I do that if it would have to be confined to a wheelchair all her life?

Kieran began his long road to recovery. He was 15 months in the wheelchairuntil he could return to the gym. But the 2 months after slipped back by the high bar and suffered a terrible blow to his head. He lost a whole year of school . I had to retrain your brain and recovering coordination. He returned to school with a cane and his classmates teased him. 

It took three years to return to the state it was before the terrible blow. And also he suffered several fractures . Then another bill came when his knee was broken shortly after he was selected for the European Championship. Behan said that at that time was about to give up .

But he did not, and in 2011 managed to become the world champion floor .His greatest moment of glory was when he qualified for the London Olympics 2012. It had become an Olympian. Gone were his horrible traumas and setbacks.A glorious example of perseverance and motivation. 

2. Michael Jordan, basketball player

They address him as the best basketball player of all time. He attributes his success to his many failures because has confirmed that made him work harder.

It is true that failures do not sink him. When I was young even thought I had talent . He was expelled from the basketball team school. He has really had its failures and include lost 300 games and 26 winners also lost. A most champions demotivating them failures , but Michael Jordan regarded the recipe for its success.

I know that fear is an obstacle for some people, but for me it just an illusion … Tofail to make me try harder at the next opportunity.” Michael Jordan.

3. Bethany Hamilton, surfer

Bethany Hamilton, surfer

Bethany Hamilton was born in Hawaii so it is not surprising to know that at age 7 and surfed the waves. In 2003, a terrible tragedy struck when a shark tore off his left arm. 

While recuperating made two promises to herself . The first was that it was not going to complain about his terrible misfortune and the second that would return to the surfboard. Another person would have resigned to failure. Bethany Hamilton but no. Just spent 26 days and already I was surfing again! 

Now it is among the 50 best surfers in the world and won the first prize in the national championships NSSA.

It was not a bed of roses arrive where it has arrived. He had moments of real frustration when it suited their disability. The accident helped him learn to overcome difficult moments, but mostly taught him to overcome his fear .

Hamilton has also devoted much of his life to be a role model for young people with disabilities. It has become an inspiration for many girls who suffer an amputation through its association Friends of Bethany (Friends of Bethany).

4. Muhammad Ali, boxer

Muhammad Ali, boxer

Regarded as the greatest boxer of all time , Muhammad Ali won many awards, including Gold Glove and an Olympic gold medal in the 1960 games in Rome.

He has inspired many people for their career and lifestyle . After retiring from the ring he devoted his life to philanthropy and charities, especially related to Parkinson’s disease, he also suffered.

Ali was willing to risk. Since age 12, when someone stole his bike, he assumed that no one would steal anything , so he learned how to fight .

Many athletes go through a very difficult to deal with perfectionism and his fear of failure process. This often prevents them from reaching their full potential and restrains them. Anything less than perfection and victory is taken as a failure. And this only creates more tension and insecurity. Muhammad Ali was a great example of someone who takes calculated risks and has remained an inspiration for many generations.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” .Muhammad Ali

5. Michael Phelps, swimmer

Michael Phelps, swimmer

Michael Phelps is considered the best Olympic swimmer of all time. Everyone thought that no swimmer would be able to win eight gold medals in the Olympic Games only. Michael did just that and has 19 Olympic medals, 15 of which are gold!

The remarkable thing about him is that as a child suffering from ADHD. Most people assume that people with ADHD suffer from anxiety, impulsivity and attention very low capacity. But they also have an incredible ability to remain hyper-concentrated in an activity they love .

Michael has been able to get a lot out of this by channeling their energy and focus.Therefore it has been able to exploit the positive side of ADHD.

Phelps has shown he can beat the most disciplined and strong swimmers in the world and is an inspiring example for anyone who suffers from a mental disorder or other difficulty.

It has another secret: visualize success before the start of any race . It started with this custom to 7 years. He realized that there are no limits to success and if you have passion for your goals nothing can stop you . 

“Nobody is going to put a limit on what I’m doing. I’ll do what I do, when I want to.That’s how I’ve always worked. If I want something I go out to look for “ . Michael Phelps.

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