10 Signs You’re a Great Leader, though not Know

Here are some signs that you are a great leader, although not yet know:

1. You are accessible

If you are a person who gives more advice to his friends and coworkers of receiving it means that they value your opinion and are a benchmark for help.Being accessible is a great quality to have a leader. Nobody really wants to work without a philosophy of open doors. They trust your judgment and trust you: Be proud of it.

2. You keep smiling, even when it is difficult

l4Maintain professional Temperance is an excellent feature that many leaders have and many companies seek. It is important to keep the situation calm and under control. If you’ve ever seen nodding silently while listening to someone you are talking screaming, then you have more patience than most.

3. You have an open mind

Keeping an open mind is an important feature when we talk about leaders. If you found someone who told you how to do things more efficiently and you’ve taken as constructive criticism, I no choice but to applaud left.

4. You are responsible, but do not want

l5There are some days I just want to stay lying on the bed. You want to stay there, eat there and go back to sleep.  You have people telling you and things to do that will not end up alone. There are some who do not leave They stacked bed and leave these tasks for another day. But you do not. This is called being responsible. The important thing is that you have found a way of doing things without a giant stress become in your life, who said working in front of a nice view is not allowed?  Leaders have to be responsible when no one else wants to be.

5. You stand firm

Have you ever you saw in a situation where someone is asking for advice and if you know you do not want to hear it , you give it anyway? Well , that’s fine . Although your friend is not what it seems at the time, but that is a great quality leader. There will be times when you have to do meetings, giving feedback, presentations … a person that has this feature, feel proud of it is needed.

6. You sure, but never afraid to ask for help or support

Great leaders are not perfect. They trust their decisions, but are not afraid to ask for help if they need it . You’re human and even if you know a lot, do not know everything. If you are aware of it, accept it and move on with a open-minded consider yourself a leader.

7. You treat everyone equally regardless of how you feel

Wherever it is, you always try to treat all people equally, regardless of your feelings. Being a leader means that you should be able to treat everyone with respect, even if you’re having a bad day.  Not many can do that.

8. You find the positive side even in the worst situations

l7Everyone needs positive energy to feed and leaders of any kind need to have it.Whether at work or in any aspect of life, great leaders do not let themselves absorb negative energy , dealing with each situation and focus on the positive side of things.

9. help others without expecting anything in return

Have you seen yourself completing tasks at work because they need to be finished and not because you have asked? Or you are volunteering to help someone?Great leaders do things to help others and not expect anything in return from anyone.

10. you really care about the feelings of others

l9Sometimes in life you find yourself leaving your plans aside to be the shoulder to mourn someone or a friend heard. You are the person that people look when they need to talk about her life or when things go wrong. And it is that really do not mind doing it because you care about the feelings of others. Great leaders are emphatic and people seek them and follow because they feel understood by them, and that’s a beautiful feature.

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10 Signs You're a Great Leader, though not Know

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