Upgrade your Google search with these tips

Today we are millions what we use day to day search engine Google , whether to investigate some task, solve problems, translate words, look for an event or just to read news.

It is for this reason that we bring a number of tricks for Google searches easier and more accurate results shed:

– Forget Scores: Whether you put lowercase, uppercase or accents, not to place them always find the same results. And it does not matter you write with mistakes, since, Google’s spell checker automatically uses the most common form of a given word.

– Determine which search settings to suit what you need: On the page of Google is a button settings or settings where you can refine your searches generally by country and language.From that button you can also access an advanced search option where you can specify your particular search even more, defining things like the period of time when the content was updated or published , or the file format of the information you seek.

– To search for exact phrases: Tweaking keywords you can find in seconds the climate of your city, the price of currency exchange, holidays in your holiday destination or converting miles to kilometers. Just type the phrase in quotes, for example “any words” , to find the exact words in the same order.

– To search a specific website: Includes site: in front of the search query if you are sure that the information you care is included in a particular website. For example, site: paginaweb.com

– To search by format: If you want to search for specific file types such as PDF, PPT and XLS, added in the search filetype: followed by the file type extension. Alternatively you can also choose the specific type of file you are looking for among the advanced settings google search.


– To search for related pages: Use the operator related: and thus find pages that have similar content to that of another. To do this, type related: followed by the website address. For example, you can use related: paginaweb.com to access similar websites.

– To find definitions: Just type define: followed by the word you are looking for different descriptions of the same. For example define: word

– To perform any calculation: If you enter a mathematical equation into the search box, Google will account for you. So you save time to open the calculator application.

This very interesting and useful tips to search google, what do you expect? Dare to try.

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Upgrade your Google search with these tips

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