Most influential gadgets in history

Remembering is living. And why not remember those gadgets that were technology in their golden years and besides that gave way to the new technologies of today.

most influential gadgets in history

So we continue with the third part of our top of the most influential gadgets in history:


most influential gadgets in history

1. IBM model 5150

The well – remembered IBM PC was a key device to popularize the use of computers. This was released in 1981, five years after that Apple will design its Apple I. It was a system originally designed with an open architecture. IBM published technical information between users to facilitate the creation of new peripherals and software by third parties. Its development took 12 months and cost by then about $ 1,565 dollars. It sold less than 100,000 units in its first year, but in that year had already developed something like 753 pieces of software for the machine. The success of this concept of computing led many other companies create software and hardware compatible with the IBM PC.


most influential gadgets in history

2. Apple Macintosh

It hit the market in 1984. This was a much lighter compact computer, white, small for the time (14 inches high) that any model of personal computer at that time. The same was provided with a powerful 128 kilobytes of RAM. No incorporating hard drive, but a 3.5-inch floppy drive.Actually his bowels were not relevant; it was his very attractive user interface.

The “Mac” was able to generate incredible graphics, tables and even drawings. It also had a mouse and was portable (only weighed about 9kg and even could carry in a bag). It was not a sales success for device manufacturing problems, but completely changed the way computers were designed.


most influential gadgets in history

3. Sony Trinitron

It hit the market in 1968 and was hailed for providing an impeccable image 25 percent brighter than other TVs on the market. It was based on the technology of cathode ray tubes grids, which were renowned for their high resolution. The design of this innovative technology won him the Emmy Award for Sony in 1973. It sold more or less about 280 million units.


most influential gadgets in history

4. Apple iPhone

This famous smartphone was released in 2007. Many of his innovations marked the guidelines of current smartphones. Introduced the multi-touch screen and thus brought the world a new way to interact with portable devices. In addition, it also led to the invention of the AppStore app store would be launched in 2008.

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