Google displaced Apple as the most valuable company

Alphabet, the conglomerate that includes Google and other six technology companies, reported profits of $ 16,348 million in 2015 and that represented an increase of 15.6 percent over the previous 2014.

Thus, technological holding is currently the most valuable company in the world in the extra period after the close of trading Monday on Wall Street (New York), beating the company Apple was on the throne since 2011.

Alphabet around $ 554,000 million dollars of market capital. After rebounding 6 percent experienced action Monday, and are expected to consolidate this week during operations of the New York Stock Exchange, Alphabet is strengthened increasingly market thanks to mobile devices.

Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of the company based in Mountain View (California, USA) indicated that the smooth running of searches on mobile devices and the strength of the advertising revenue led the rebound in revenue and profit reporting today .
“We are very excited about the opportunities Google and other technology projects that improve the lives of billions of people worldwide , ” Porat said in a statement.


The company said that the operations do not include Google, and among which is the division that develops vehicles without driver, had revenues for themselves of $ 448 million in 2015, compared with $ 327 million in 2014 and operating losses $ 3,567 million, compared with $ 1,942 million in losses in 2014.

The Mountain View company also announced this past Monday accrued revenue Google in 2015, which totaled $ 74,500 billion, 13.5% more than in the same period last 2014.

Google includes search engine, YouTube and the Android operating system

The conglomerate, in addition to Google, including Calico, which is dedicated to research on longevity, as well as the signing of smart devices for the home Nest and Fiber, the division that seeks to bring high speed internet to last corner of America.

The new corporate umbrella also includes Google X, the research division develops ambitious projects such as the driverless vehicle, and Google Ventures, arm Venture Google and Google Capital, a division that invests in the final stages of funding emerging companies also known as start-ups.

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