Gmail tricks you may not know

Gmail has been considered one of the most powerful and best technology tools built today, and thanks to this, users can make the most if still unknown. One of its key features are hidden in the same service (in the configuration sections and “Labs”) while others may depend on external developed.

1. Scheduled messages : If you know that there is a time specific to send an email to a person, but you will not be available to give the submit button, then use a browser extension such as Right Inbox or Boomerang to do it for you .

2. Defer emails : You can also schedule some emails back to the top of your inbox on a schedule or later date. Gmail Snooze is a Chrome extension that can help you remember these mails.

3. Send default answers : To save even more time consider creating pre – configured through one of the features in Gmail Labs messages.

4. Find out if your mail read : How many times have sent a message for the classic response: “Sorry, did not see” ?. Well now with Chrome extensions Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick and Tracker Email Intelliverse you’ll know when someone opened it and read your mail.

5. self – destruct your emails : An extension for Chrome called Dmail makes your messages self – destruct. Recently Google announced that it would put an undo button to avoid an embarrassing email that you send.

6. Do Lists : The app The Milk installed a list on the right side of your Gmail in Chrome and Firefox browsers. So you can convert your emails into tasks and connect your list with your Google calendars and contacts. Very useful to increase productivity.

7. Schedule appointments : The Gmail Labs have a feature that places your calendar near your inbox to schedule appointments quickly and easily.

8. Have all your mail in one tab : In laboratories will also find a simple way for you to review multiple email accounts simultaneously.

9. Work Offline : The Gmail Offline is a Google application that lets you read and reply to messages without being connected to the Internet. These messages leave the output tray when you are online again.

10. Get quick notifications : The  Checker Plus shows how many emails have no need to keep the browser window open. In addition you can answer emails in pop -up windows that appear with notifications.

Very useful these tricks that will help you increase your productivity and facilitate you life a little more.

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