Facebook will create an app to compete Snapchat

Since already a few days ago the famous social network Facebook is developing a single camera app, very, very similar to Snapchat.

It will be based on photos that disappear after about 24 hours, with the aim of increasing the participation of users, as reported by Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO and founder of the social network in recent press conferences.

According to Inco, the application is being developed right now Facebook spor team located in London and it is rumored that never will come to light (not yet know specifically why). The company also has plans, a new feature for the app, which let you record and share videos through live. This news is a new breakthrough in the multiple ongoing efforts to keep Facebook users sharing content and interacting more with your social network.

Facebook will create an app to compete Snapchat

The most recent data from a survey of “GlobalWebIndex” revealed that fewer people updated their profile in the last month than in the previous (one would be talking about 33% of users versus 44% in 2015), and also greatly it reduced the percentage of users who have uploaded or shared photos on the social network (ie, 44 percent to 46 percent compared to 2015).

It is no secret that Facebook has tried several times to develop applications to use the camera users. If you recall, in December 2014 he launched an application called Slingshot and another called Poke, both a concept and a definition designed to compete directly with Snapchat. But neither worked, always rallied the Snapchat among users.

Unfortunately neither they succeeded nor Facebook Camera (which was released weeks after they bought Instagram), neither Bolt nor Riff, other similar applications, and in fact several are totally out of the market and its developments canceled.

What makes us think what Snapchat is that neither can compete against facebook ?, this is a very interesting and perhaps many answers and question aspects. In fact there are many who say that neither the most accurate market research can determine exactly the tastes of customers or consumers, consumers who Snapchat has managed to conquer with a simple app to use.

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