5 Tips to Stay Healthy

While it is true that there is the elixir of eternal youth, it is possible to consider some tips for staying healthy over the years. Carry a good quality of life, based on a healthy and balanced diet, avoid stress and exercise is part of it. So to delve into the subject, then we will see what these tips to maintain good health.

Consuming antioxidants

Antioxidants foods are those that prevent harmful for the body oxidation of other chemicals, which means that help prevent a lot of diseases. Fish and vegetables are ideal for this, but remember everything in excess is bad. Antioxidants are also fruits, nuts, seeds, and all foods that are rich in Vitamins C and E.

Fight inflammation

One symptom that occurs when our body is not entirely healthy is inflammation. And what should we do to prevent this from happening? Very simple, if we add to our diet foods like vegetables, especially green and Omega 3 rich foods like fish oil, help our body not inflame. In the same way we will help the proper functioning of our body if we avoid those foods that have sugars, are highly processed or have lots of saturated fat.

Sport is health

Several scientific studies have proven to do some physical activity like swimming, running, walking, strength training and aerobics is good to maintain good fitness and healthy living, especially when you have good habits and these are accompanied by a proper diet. Never too late to start exercising, being in old age is not an impediment to oxygenate the brain and relax the body, on the other hand is the time when it is most needed, eye, this does not mean that in adolescence it is not necessary, at any age is good.

Tea and healthy teas

Tea consumption helps prevent inflammation, is good for the heart, blood pressure and cholesterol. Green tea, for example, is said to be one of the most infusions used to have smooth skin, memorize and stay focused. Besides that was investigated concerning the possibility of reducing tumors by consumption.


Having a positive attitude

To reduce stress levels, have good and solid relations, and be willing to adversity, how important is attitude. The sick and isolates pessimism. Therefore, to stay vital and in good health, it is essential, glad to be alive, thankful for it and prove it with facts.

Staying healthy over the years is possible. We recommend you follow these tips to maintain good health and improve your quality of life because it is the most precious thing you have. Do you have any recommendations for us?


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