10 Most Amazing Places of the World

The world is full of wonderful and beautiful places, but only a few were deemed to be the most unique and incredible places on the planet, I selected ten of them:


This unique place in the world, is a hipersalada water lake located between Jordan and Israel, it is considered the lowest point on the planet located 423 meters below sea level. Because of the high salinity of the water marine species can not live in it, hence its name, bathers can easily float in its waters. A truly amazing place.




This amazing place is located in the extreme southwest of the islands of Mauritius and is probably one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Republic. The view from the top is really amazing, deposits of sand and silt creates the impression of being in the presence of a fascinating “underwater waterfall”.



These two water masses of different shades are joined in the central Gulf of Alaska, the foam that rises tenuously is generated by the union of the oceans, the color difference shows how difficult it is melting freshwaters from glaciers and masses of salt water from the ocean, since the latter has very high percentages of salt causing the two bodies of water have different densities so that unification is complicated and difficult.



It is located in Nevada (USA), and is one of the most amazing places in the world. The geyser did not come naturally, in 1916 in a desert area of ​​Nevada a group of men drilled the ground in search of water, but got hot springs over 200 degrees Celsius, stoppered but years later reemerged and naturally this time, it is curious that the sediment of calcium carbonate has stained the rocks giving them incredible colors.



Located in Costa Rica, in an area of ​​difficult access, which makes this river one of the most amazing places in the world, is the blue color of its thermal waters, due to the chemical reaction between sulfur from a volcano and minerals river.



It is a small archipelago of four islands belonging to Yemen, biodiversity and the presence of some 700 unique species make this place one of the most amazing in the world, it was inscribed on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO 2008.


7- petrified FALLS

Located in the Valley of Mitla, about 80 km from the city of Oaxaca (Mexico), you are incredible waterfalls composed of sodium carbonate and magnesium with streaks of sulfur were formed thousands of years ago by the filtration of the hot springs, rich in minerals, the spring located at the top. The spring was used to form a large pool currently works as a natural spa for its hot springs. Furthermore, in the area there are some natural pools carved this incredible place where they can be seen very well.

Petrified FALLS Mitla

8- Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier Rosa is located in Australia, is one of the most amazing roses lakes in the world, its pink gum and its proximity to the sea makes aerial view of this magnificent lake is truly spectacular. Unlike Lake Retba (Senegal), whose pink color is due to the presence of a certain bacteria in the water, it is not known yet what the source of intense pink Lake Hillier, one of the most acceptable theory is that the tone pink water is produced by a microalgae difficult to detect, it could also result from the existence of microorganisms, but there is nothing proven.

Lake Hillier Rosa


Located on the Philippine island of Bohol, the hills are an amazing geological formation and a unique place in the world number about 1268 shaped hills near perfect cone, spread over an area of ​​over 50 square kilometers, all are more or less the same size, about 120 meters high and dotting the landscape evenly. Green boil that covers turns brown in the dry season, resulting in a huge chocolate cones, hence its name.



Also known as “The End of the World”, these steep cliffs found in Australia particularly in the plain of Nullarbor Plain, whose name means “treeless” this plain is considered the largest in limestone in the world with an area of ​​270,000 kilometers square and a length of almost a thousand kilometers. Bunda Cliffs extend on a coastline of over 200 kilometers and rise to a height ranging between 60 and 120 meters.

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