Top 10 Best athletes in history

It’s really difficult to make a list of the best athletes in sports history because comparing different periods is really complicated but we will list based on wins and the importance of individual athletes had at the time.

Kenenisa Bekele

The tenth on our list is the Ethiopian who has mastered the fund at the beginning of the century.Their results speak for themselves: Double Olympic champion of 10,000 meters in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, also 5000 meters Olympic champion in 2008 and runner-up in 2004. 5 times world champion between 2003 and 2009, 4 of them in 10000 meters one at 5000 meters and a bronze in 5000 in Paris 2003. Possessor of the records of the tests background:

  • 5000 meters – 12.37.35 (Hengelo, 2004)
  • 10,000 meters – 26.17.53 (Brussels, 2005)

Records that seem to go on forever way as they require very demanding rhythms. in recent years he is trying to prove over longer distances but has not achieved the same results despite having a mark of 2:05:04 in the Paris Marathon this year.

Kenenisa Bekele

Always remember to Bekele for that final speed that is capable of achieving in the last meters of the race, despite going enduring infernal rhythms their terminal velocity is close to the times achieved in some tests shorter distance on the last lap, rivals always pulling strongly in the previous round as they were aware of their defeat if Bekele came to the last lap at their heels.

Emil Zatopek

Emil ZatopekThe Ninth Czech distance runner is also known as the “human locomotive”, a nickname that was intended to reflect its ability to impose sustained rhythms that made it impossible to follow rivals.

It was gold in 10,000 meters and silver in the 5000 meters at the 1948 Summer Olympics and achieved the historic feat of winning three big fund: 5000, 10000 and Marathon in Helsinki 1952, a milestone that we will hardly see as well he did it with less than a week between the first and the last test.

In addition to its trophy include 3 golds and a bronze in European Championships, at that time there was no World. Throughout his career he competed in 334 races and won 261 victories, establishing a total of 18 world records at various distances.

He was a hero in his country where he was promoted to colonel but curiously after the Prague Spring in 1968 was expelled from the army for his support of Alexander Dubcek what led him to a few years of ostracism in which he came to work as a sweeper. In 1975 the communist regime managed to recant and again promoted as the great Czech hero who really was

He died in Prague in 2000 at the age of 78 years being considered by sports fans as one of the greatest legends of athletics. His feat of the Olympic Games in Helsinki has passed sports history as one of the greatest feats has achieved an athlete.

Carl Lewis

Known as “The Son of the Wind” is one of the most publicized athletes in history, plasticity and elegance of his career still continues to impress.

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is one of the most successful athletes in history: 9 gold medals and one Olympic silver and 8 Oros, one silver and a bronze in the World Championships are a good summary of his spectacular career, was the great dominator of tests speed and length saint.

His duels with then reviled by doping Ben Johnson were legendary, fans saw the match between the natural talent of a perfect body for speed against a rival gym pre-fabricated, the sad ending and the shadow of doping overshadowed indirectly large Carl Lewis achievements.

He also had the misfortune to touch for years despite beating the legendary record of Bob Beamon not do something that if did his rival Mike Powell

Hicham El Guerrouj

The seventh of the list is the Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj, mediofondo great dominator of the late 90s and early new millennium.

Hicham El Guerrouj

The palm groves of El Guerrouj is impressive: 2 Gold and an Olympic silver, although in the games seemed jinxed did the double in Athens 2004 in 1500 and 5000 meters. He achieved 4 gold and 2 silver medals in the World Championships.

He is remembered as one of the athletes who managed to raise the tests show medium-bottom with their attempts to record in European rallies, sometimes shifting the expectation that typically generate the sprints.

Still the world record of 3:26:00 1500 meters and the mile with 3: 43.13, an unrepeatable athlete.

Abebe Bikila

The Ethiopian Abebe Bikila became the sport’s history to win the Marathon running barefoot the 1960 Summer Olympics.

Abebe Bikila

That victory made him a national hero, despite running barefoot in that race set a new world record with 2: 15:16.

Four years later he returned to victory despite six weeks before he was operated on for appendicitis and everything pointed to that would be impossible to compete in conditions, this time Bikila was running with slippers and again achieved a new best world record with 2: 12_11.

Try a third feat in Mexico, 68 but the altitude affected him too much and was forced to leave without even reaching the halfway mark in 1969 a traffic accident in Addis Ababa produced a paraplegia of which can not be recovered dying four years later.

The national stadium in Addis Ababa bears his name, one of the biggest and most amazing of the history of athletics, still images of the Olympic Games in Rome barefoot impress anyone.

Edwin Moses

The best hurdler of all time ranks fifth on our list.

Edwin Moses

The record for consecutive wins Moses of 122 victories still leaving impressed until Danny Harris defeated him in the late Estadio de Vallehermoso de Madrid.

In its history, 2 Oros and Oros Olympic bronze and 2 world championships and four world records beaten throughout his career,

A curious fact say that after retiring from athletics tried his luck in the sport of bobsleigh in 1990 and went on to win a bronze medal in the World Cup held in Winterburg, Germany, alongside fellow Brian Shimer.

Sergei Bubka

The best pole vaulter of all time, Sergei Bubka Ukrainian occupies the fourth place in our list.

Sergei Bubka

His Achilles’ heel was the Olympics where for some reason or another did not get to perform at their level, achieving only Olympic gold in 1988 and leaving for history his failure in the 1992 Summer Olympics where confidence led him to perform three jumps zero to start the competition at a high altitude that under normal circumstances for was a entrenamioento.

He won six golds at the World Championships where he was relentless and was very famous for profitable every centimeter with rising world record in the rallies, almost always was beating his record of centimeter by centimeter, probably in one of those competitions could be achieved a better brand.

In his years of career he took the world record of the specialty of 5.83 ma 6.14 m, record set in Sestriere (Italy) on July 31, 1994.

He retired from competition in 1997 due to multiple injuries in the heel. After his retirement he has continued career as a sports leader, athlete representative to the International Olympic Committee and parliamentarian in his native country.

Michael Johnson

The third is the American Michael Johnson, great dominator of the 200 and 400 meters in the 90’s.

Michael Johnson

Even today it is the world record holder in the 400 meters with 43:18 incredible, the way they run fully erect continues to impress. He won four Olympic gold medals and 8 World Championships Oros, His dominion in both 200 and 400 meters was impressive during those years being his most memorable contest the double in the 1996 Atlanta Games with a stunning world record in 200 meters.

Jesse Owens

The second is the legendary Jesse Owens with four golds at the 1936 Berlin Olympic play games on wing became sports history.

Jesse Owens

It is true that their achievements are not comparable to other most successful athletes but the memory of seeing this man overcome in Nazi Germany before the Hitler himself the powerful German athletes of the moment making 100, 200, long jump and 4 × 100 meters has passed into legend.

To understand more the feat suffice it to say that around the games returned to work buttons in a hotel, being black in the United States of the time is summed up in these words that Owens himself pronounced:

When I returned to my native country, after all the stories about Hitler, I could not ride in the front of the bus. I went to the back door. I could not live where I wanted. I was not invited to shake hands with Hitler, but neither was invited to the White House to shake hands with the President.

Usain Bolt

The first on our list is the Jamaican who has smashed all records for speed Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

His achievements, which can still grow because still active, are: 6 Olympic gold medals, 8 gold and 2 silver medals in World Championships, is the holder of the world record of 100 and 200 with 9:58 and 19:19 respectively, speed endiablada is really gaining on many occasions like running with children letting go many meters before the finish.

Has a perfect body for speed will be hard to beat for many years. His intention reach the Rio Games garnering more medals to expand its impressive palm groves.

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