WhatsApp is 100% secure now

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Protecting our privacy and security is an important issue and technology companies know it. A few weeks ago WhatsApp announced that soon all its services would benefit from encryption so now comes true.

Through its official blog WhatsApp confirmed that its encryption protocol now applies to every message, whether written, audio and calls made ​​through this messaging application owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp implements encryption end to end

The WhatsApp messages while they were protected by an ultra-secure encryption system but was the same with communication via audio and files, which now corrects for the benefit of our privacy.

The new version of WhatsApp incorporates end encryption end , known as end to end in English, for all message either written, audio, photos, videos and documents in both conversations group or individual and even free calls within the application,

What is encryption end to end? Basically the end to end encryption ensures that only people able to see or hear the content that is exchanged in WhatsApp are those who send and those who receive it, as only they hold the keys.

If a hacker managed to intercept the message would not decipher as being one of the safest systems in the world protection.

Also nothing is stored on servers WhatsApp so for more than an injunction order the application to provide access to your content this will be impossible not forget that WhatsApp is in trouble with Brazilian justice not to provide information to certain users they simply do not have access to it and believes in protecting your privacy.

The level of security offered today WhatsApp is among the largest in messaging applications and even those used by governments and intelligence agencies, all for free because the app stopped charging your annual subscription service.

Whether writing or talking to one or more persons; the privacy of what you send and receive with WhatsApp is stronger than ever and protects all the features offered by the most popular messaging application at the time.

Do you think that such encryption is needed?


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