Now You can Record 60-second video on Instagram

Posted on News 30

The new proposal of Instagram began first with advertisers giving uploading 60 seconds of video to maximize their reach and now the social network has decided to give the same benefits to regular users, thus increasing the previous restriction of only 15 seconds of video.

All this is part of a new strategy of social network that has transformed their way of doing things moving from static images to a stream with a collection of videos according to new times, where this type of media is consumed by the public eagerly, at least as evidenced by the 40% increase in terms of video viewing Instagram in the last six months.

We must also analyze that Instagram is owned by Facebook who has taken seriously the job with the videos allowing create videos in 360 degrees, playback streaming and as the parents of the social network, this is just the beginning of what we will see throughout the year.

A little history about the new option

While advertisers were the first to use the new recording option 60 seconds, which was well used by brands such as Warner Bros and T-Mobile during the Super Bowl 50, the idea of making this public is long in the table.

Kevin Systrom, co – founder of Instagram said the company is based on showing moments as part of the visual imagery of people and share them with the world. Over time they have been adding enhancements such as the option to display videos in slow motion and the inclusion of filters , all part of Facebook’s strategy to fight the supremacy of YouTube over videos.

Other features have been added to raise competition as a counter public views, which drives advertisers to improve their content if they want to highlight under the platform. It has also been have created a collection of videos more seen on special occasions that are positioned on top of the feed as it does Snapchat.

As an additional option you can create a video using clips from various videos to form a collage with the best of your collection now do just as most similar Apps.


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