Five Interesting Facts About Personality

Personality is what is commonly known as a “way of being”. More precisely we could say that is the set of traits that define our usual way of acting. It also prints a particular stamp as the way we relate to others.

Personality includes feelings, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, it defines the differences in the way they act against different situations. It is also known as the “I” or “self”. It makes us different from others and is a product of both genetic inclinations as education and the influence of environmental factors.

Some interesting facts about personality.

It remains throughout life

According to various studies, personality does not change. We are the same since we are small to grow old. You can change our habits, the circumstances in which we live or how to express what we feel and think. But the core of the personality remains unchanged. It is possible to polish the rough edges of our personality, or make more sophisticated or sublimated some attitudes or reactions.

It is deeply rooted in our decisions

This data is not surprising. It is only logical that decisions always have a footprint own and are determined by the personality. What you may not know is that the incidence is even simple or seemingly insignificant acts. The personality type influences the way we dress, we comb and organize our routines toilet. It is also present in the colors we wear, the music we listen to , the way we laugh and even facial gestures. In fact, you could define much of someone’s personality just by looking all these details.

Birth order influences personality

It is something that is known intuitively, but science has also proven in recent decades. If you’re older brother, probably you tend to be more responsible, but also more bossy and demanding. However, if you are the less likely you will have a discipline more lax and shops to exhibit impulsive attitudes. If you are in the middle, it will be easier to see situations from different points of view, but also have difficulty taking the initiative and take risks. Only children are more self – centered, but also more firm and secure in their actions. It is known that depending on the position to deal within the brothers, there will be a tendency to look for similar people. That is, the older siblings better understand older siblings and so on.

Internet profiles reveal personality

The profiles on social networks not only reveal the idealized vision that everyone has of himself. They also show the main features of personality, how much they want covered up or falsified. A study conducted in the United States compared findings on personality type, based on Facebook profiles. They were then practiced a formal test and coincidence between outcomes and other was 91%.

Animals have personality

That way of being not only shelters particularly humans. Sometimes this is most evident in pets like dogs or cats that develop well – defined relationship with human’s patterns. Surprisingly, it has also been found that there are hints of personality in other species such as fish and even spiders.

Five interesting facts about personality

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