Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice suffers a brutal fall at the box office

On Monday, after the first weekend of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on billboards around the world, received a very positive and encouraging for the film and news Warner Bros: despite an overwhelming amount of negative reviews, managed to become one of the most successful premieres of recent times. Nothing too unexpected or surprising, of course, for a film of this caliber.

One can assume that many people was so eager and waiting to see the two superheroes of DC Comics fighting on the big screen could do nothing poor reception of criticism or disappointment of some fans to stop it.

But now, after its second week on the bill, the accumulation of criticism and (bad) word of mouth seems to have operated quite disruptive manner for the film.

A big blockbuster fall

According to reports, Batman v Superman fell 68% at the box office in its second week (68.4% to be exact). Is logical and expect able that in its second week films collected less than in its opening weekend, but surprising in this case is the volume of the fall. Considering that debuted films grossing more than $ 100 million, falling Batman v Superman is surpassed only by those of  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and the aftermath of Twilight .

The latest superhero movie that had such a precipitous drop between its first and second week (probably also caused by the bad reviews and word of mouth) was Fantastic Four (68.2% drop, slightly lower). Another superhero movie with a similar fall was X-Men: The Last Stand, with a 66.9% lower box office in its second week.

To make matters worse, there is the consideration that Batman v Superman had no competition on the undercard. The other premiere was in second place was God’s Not Dead 2, a dramatic and Christian movie that grossed $ 8 million.

Leaving these considerations aside, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reached globally grossing $ 682.8 million, which leaves above Man of Steel ($ 668 million), Thor: The Dark World ($ 644 million), Iron Man 2 ($ 623 million) and Iron Man ($ 585 million).

In the coming weeks, the film will have competition from The Huntsman, starring Chris Hems worth, and the remake of the Jungle Book, a film that has already received rave reviews.


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